Sifu Dan has been training in the martial arts for almost 40 years, and teaching for 30. Sifu Dan currently trains under Sijo Antwoine Alferos, head of The Whipping Willow Association, and founder of The Inner Circle System. Sifu Dan currently holds  the rank of 5th degree, and teaches his own unique blend of Kenpo.

Dr. Tavis Johansson, (Guro) Arnis Instructor


 Dr. Tavis Johansson has studied martial arts since childhood and has earned teaching ranks in Arnis, Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi Gung, as well as Kundalini Yoga. Mindful movement has been a constant source of inspiration, guidance and vitality throughout his life. He is also a local chiropractor and has an extensive background in Oriental Medicine. Through teaching and healing he seeks to help people achieve optimal health and vitality. For more about Guro Tavis check out his website at: http://www.3riverschiro.com

Greg Voorhees , Yoga Instructor


Greg Voorhees has been teaching yoga in Missoula since 2006. Greg’s passion for teaching is apparent to anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend one of his sessions. Greg is a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor and has logged over 500 course hours completing their program in Lennox, MA. Greg is an all levels teacher. He also specializes in “Feel Good” Yoga. He teaches Mat Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Flow led with breath. Greg has experience working with beginners to advanced students, as well as working with seniors and accommodating those with injuries, or special needs. When he’s not instructing here at the Academy, Greg teaches classes at The University of Montana and the Missoula Senior Center.